help buying a used car

Joined Sep 16, 2003
i was looking for a 2007 acura tl on the internet.  it was listed as 27,999 on the dealerships website.  how much can you generally talk them down to?
Joined Aug 4, 2004
I would buy a new car if I were you. In your case, you can probably talk it down to 23.5k, 22k if you're really good.

Where do ya'll get 28k to buy a car though?
Joined Oct 16, 2007
Let me tell you something, you need to do your research before spending so much money, NT can help but not nearly enough

Anyways Ill give some general advice

Carfax, get a real mechanic to check the car for you, find the real price or what the car SHOULD sell for, then bargain your way down, ask lots of questions, I dunno
Joined Mar 21, 2004
That's pretty expensive considering that the 2006-2008 could be had for under $31000 when they were brand new. I got my 2006 in August of 2006 for $500 under invoice. Funny thing was that the dealer had used 2004's and 2005's for $29,999 with 30k miles.  Unless It's a Type-S I don't think it's worth more than $22,000 or maybe $24,000 if it's Certified IMO. The CPO warranties are nice but they mark the price up way more than they're worth.
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