Help finding a or any info would be appreciated

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A friend of mine was asking me about a shoe and this is what he could remember:
-a pair of 3/4 kind of casual jordans
-all black with silver along the arch of the foot
-doesn't have regular shoe strings with 2 string holes out the top
-shoe was released around 04/05

If you have a pic of what you think it is or any info, I'd really appreciate it.
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Air jordan xvii low
release date may 31 2003

Air jordan Nu'retro 2
release date 2003 August

Air Jordan VIIIB
Jordan 8 Boot release date 2003

Dont Know if anyof these are them? Just trying to help, If I cant hope someone else can
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it sounds like he is talking about either the nu retro 2 or the boot....maybe the OP got his years mixed up.
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