Help, i need to choose football cleats

Joined Oct 13, 2008
im play RB/WR and secondary
the under amour metal low dechatchable( the 1st series of UA cleats)
or the nike speed TD 3/4 from 2 season ago
PS: i have ancle braces
Joined Oct 19, 2005
Everything I hear about UA cleats especially the old ones is that they are heavy and not durable. So I'd vote Speed TD.
Joined Dec 19, 2007
yea definitely go for the nike joints.

I'm a skill player as well and I'm going wit the Vapor Jet 4.2s.. a little pricey but comfy and super light
I recommend you consider these if money isn't a factor.
Joined Jul 7, 2007
the Vapor jet 4.2 are the best cleats u can cop for your position or u can cop the speed D molded the new ones and always get your ankles taped never wearankle braces unless they are the last option
Joined Jul 23, 2008
Speed TD's have been my favs since I played HS ball. Light and reliable. Lasted me a whole season. I played corner btw.
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