HELP NEEDED!! Best Shoes for Suits

Jul 22, 2021
Hey all! First, thank you if you are reading this and to any help/advice you can give.

I am getting married in October of this year and want my Groomsmen in three piece suits and sneakers. Jackets, vests, pants will be black - shirts are white - ties are maroon/red. (best man's tie is champagne)

I can't choose and know nothing about sneakers, and was hoping you all could help. I was leaning towards Nike Huarache or Air Max LTD 3 as I like black AND white in the sneakers as opposed to just black.

I am buying these as groomsmen gifts so if we could keep it below or around $150 a pair that'd be great cause there is 8 of them

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
Dec 14, 2016
Congrats! My opinion on footwear options, most sneakers probably won’t look right with a three piece suit/tux. I’d recommend going with actual dress/tux shoes for the ceremony and a basic “tennis” style sneaker like an adidas rod laver , stan smith, or even classic black/white shell toes. If you are set on Nike I think the Jordan Center Court would be dope.
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