Help needed...Question on the fit of a Nike Dunk v. Dunk SB

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So I'm about to place an order with NikeID and i'm unclear as to which size to get. I usually wear a sz.10 in a Nike Dunk SB low, but i'm about to order both a non-refundable, non-returnable custom hi and a low "regular" Dunk.

My question is, with the additional padding that can be found with a SB dunk, should I order a 1/2 size smaller or just order both ID shoes in a size 10.

Did that make sense?

thanks for your help...


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it all depends on how tight you want your dunk sbs to fit...

For me in regular dunk lows I wear a 9.5 but in dunk sb i wear a 10.5 cause in a 10 its too tight because of the padding in the tongue.
And that is for lows...with highs I size down to a 9.5 because theres no padding...It is all your preference but I recommend sizing up with dunk sb lows because of the extra cushion.
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iD dunks run humongous to me. something about the height of the toebox, i think.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]but i'm about to order both a non-refundable, non-returnable custom hi and a low "regular" Dunk.[hr][/hr]
Aren't NikeID's returnable? I've returned a pair before.
As for the fit, I'm usually an 11, and got a 10.5 in the ID Dunks.
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i wear a 7 in SB dunks and in GR dunks i can fit down to a 6...
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dunks have the weirdest fit
but from my sneaker head friends, i hear that you go half a size up for sbs that are leather, and stay the same size for suede, cause suede 'stretches'
depends on which sb ur wearing
but should definately go into a store that sells regular dunks and try them on
i heard my brothers friend who usually wears 10-10.5, has a dunk size 6 that fits perfectly
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I would say go a half size up in lows...the padding isn't as intense in the hi's as they are in the lows
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