HELP questions about the OG neon 95

Jun 18, 2021
Hello , I have created an account on this site in the hope of maybe getting some answers , please bare with me as I am new to all this .

I have some questions about the airmax 95 OG neon 2020 release! Product code CT1689-001 What happened ? When they got released there was only 2 or three websites that had them and they sold out instantly , they where never on the Nike website or on the SNKRS app !

I have been desperate to get my hands on some of these for a while , will they ever be openly available to buy ?
Will there be more stock ever ?
Why didn’t many shops have them ?
why didn’t Nike have these trainers (sneakers) on there own website ? I am from the uk is it different over in the states ?
Can somebody please shed some light on this for me please as I have been scratching my head on this one for months ! I really can’t bring myself to paying double or triple the cost off a Instagram reseller ! Nike has had no answers for me what so ever they just keep telling me to check the website … Thanks for any help
Dec 11, 2004
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