Help recording a DJ mix with Audacity and Vista?

Mar 6, 2004
Hey everybody,

Hopefully there's some DJ's in there that could help me out. I just downloaded Audacity and I'm trying to
record my mix from my Vestax mixer to my laptop, which is running Windows Vista. The whole setup
is hooked up correct, but the problem is that when I start recording there is a loud humming/buzzing
sound in the background and the quality of sound of the music is awful, like it's turned up all the way up
and distorted. Most of the YouTube videos I have watched deal with Windows XP, but the process
with messing with the sound on the comp isn't the same as it is on Vista. Please help thanks.

Btw, I'm using Serato if that matters, and also I was wondering if the dB scale had any effect on the
distortion of the music.
I wish I could help but I'm running audacity on Mac. So I'm not quite sure with Vista.
You should ask for help on a DJ forum. I suggest the Serato Scratch Live forum or
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