HELP REPORT eBay Fake Listings!

Dec 14, 1999
Thanks to our friends over at, we can finally help counter attack against the over whelming addition of fake shoes on eBay. Maybe with enough people doing so, we can actually do something about it. Here's the information I copy/pasted from UTA's forums...

We are going to try something out here- so anything that is reported PLEASE make sure is fake. We are trying to prove a point to eBay. Over the last 6 months fakes have tripled on ebay, and ebay is Not doing anything to stop it- Below is the link you can use to report --- we are basically asking the UTA community to use this link so ebay can see where all the reports are coming from. Below is a screen shot of the link so you know what to select -- any questions let me know -- the more the participation the better - We personally want eBay to know how big of an issue this is -- you may have to sign into your ebay account to report

Below is an example of this happening on the 360's -- this is a blog that was written on ebay

Link below for ebay m=&topic=index_4&continue=Continue+%3E

Please feel free to post on other message boards so this gains traction


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ok after selectin continue on that page do we send eBay an email or wat do we do?
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ok after selectin continue on that page do we send eBay an email or wat do we do?

-Click on "Replica, Counterfeit Items and Unauthorized Copies"

-Click on "Report counterfeit or replica items."

-add up to 10 item numbers...and send.
Thanks for the help ijapino
- FS/FT VNDS AJ XIV Retro White/Black/Varsity red Size 10...
- FS/FT VNDS Nike Lebron 2 Mids Black/Varsity red Size 10.5...
- FS/FT NDS VC II Black/Varsity red Sz 10...
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I've reported fake shoes on ebay before but the thing that I hated about it was that you had to copy and paste every auction number and there is way too many to report
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Do they actually do anything like pulling the auctions?
They seem to only do it with brands like LV, GUCCI, etc
They have a few times I reported. So reporting as much as you can will only help get these auctions pulled...The more awareness, the better.

looking for fakes on ebay is my new hobby when i'm bored. thanks ijapino
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wow this is pretty fun i just do this when im bored
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I just reported another 10 Space Jams from the seller named bulletrdog. He had 10 pairs of Space Jams size 11 for $89.95.

Here are the item numbers in case anyone else would like to do it: 110012249639, 110012249736, 110012249797, 110012249851, 110012249921, 110012250003, 110012250077, 110012250131, 110012250192, 110012250233

I just thought that by adding those numbers to the post, it would make things easier for others to report the seller since all they would have to do is copy and paste the numbers into the report. I'm sick of seeing those leopard print backgrounds for the XI's.

Keep reporting fakes!
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^^^ yo ijap, i just happend to stumble on this post since i was bored as heck doing random price checks in here...

i think u need to get this out into other forums (jordan etc.) because im sure others would be interested. im always browsin ebay so i wouldnt mind doing this at all. i cant believe i just found out about this now...

This is a great post and mandatory READ for all NT-ers...I just hope real kicks don't get taken down :\
Sounds like a system that might work, but then again how can you compete with China who's the #1 bootlegger in the world. I'll say no matter how many listings you take off eBay there will be more that's going to be listed. Sounds like a waste of time when all your doing is preventing one seller from selling bootlegs while another person will take his spot. Bootlegs is just part of the world now, take advantage of what you need and just leave the rest be.
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Wait! what about if their is a Authentic Sneaker and it is reported fake because some Nike Talker can't tell the difference or someone wants to sabotage someone elses auction to eliminate competition. This needs to be discussed
Wow. Great post. I'm going to make it a point to report at least 10 a day. I have a grudge with anyone who sell's fake because I got burned really bad by someone who had a legit shoe in the description and sent me a pair of fakes. Get to work guys I know I will!!!
I was just wondering. What about those people that dont care that shoes are fake. I mean, i have wasted money on fake shoes, and hate it, but then there those people who dont care, as long a they look legit, and are a nice shoe, they dont care. I mean, again, i have spent over 200 dollars on fake shoes, and now that ive realized it, what am i supposed to do, just keep them and wear fake shoes, or am i supposed to just give them to goodwill. When i sell fakes, i dont say they are authentic, i think they just need to make it stricter, that you cant put that the shoes are authetic. I dunno, thats just my opinion.
that's grimey. if they fake, they should be labled fake. you're just as bad as the person who sold it to you. :smh:

YES! 8 out of 10 listings I helped turn in are now terminated! Ima keep doing this when I got extra time!
i think a auction should only be reported if the seller list the fake shoe as real because that goes against ebay policys and if ebay dosent enforce it we should yes.

if they clearly state that the shoe is fake then we shouldnt report them. if they say its fake off the bat and if ebay decides to ban them then thats their decision not ours.

even though the seller lists them as fake someone might want to still buy them. then you come to the problem that most sellers list fake shoes and they dont specify wether its real or fake and just hope that some uneducated person will buy them. in that case what we should do is if the seller is clearly selling a fake shoe then we should contact them and ask them if it is real or fake. if they say its real then report no more questions asked even if they didntn it know cause ebay will remove it anyways if they see it cause it goes against policy if they knew it or not.
thanks guys. this hellps a lot
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It is illegal to sell knock offs and ebay clearly states that these are not allowed on their site. All fakes should be reported!
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