help: sneaker painting

May 23, 2007
whuddup yall. i want to paint on sneakers. what type of paint should i be using? what brand of paint is the best? what type of brushes should i use. all your knowledge is welcome.
paint to use: angelus leather paint + duller. check google, mail order some of it.
brushes: go to any arts and crafts store and pick up a medium sized brush, and a thin brush if you want to do detail. in my experience, large brushes get too much paint and the brush strokes are more obvious.

step 1: use acetone and cotton balls to take the finish off the shoe

step 2(optional): tape off the areas you do not want paint on.

step 3: get a small amount of paint on the brush. paint the area you want. don't worry about brush strokes/unevenness on this first layer. you usually need multiple thin layers. my rule - put enough layers on until it looks solid with no patches/unevenness, then do 2 more layers.

step 4: when the shoe is finished, spray it with MANY layers of water proofer(bought at any shoe store - footlocker, finishline, etc). i usually put 15-20 layers. better safe than sorry. when i used 5ish layers on one shoe, it got scuffed and a big chunk of paint got rubbed off.

i might very well be forgetting something. check the sticky at the top, as well as the customizing section on ISS( :wow:
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i just want to paint a 3-4 inch diameter design on. how will i go about doing this? could i just paint on the shoe directly or will i still need to prep the area? no responses in the other thread so im asking here.
i would still prep that area. otherwise the paint does not stick to the leather as well. i would acetone the area, and if it's a white shoe, repaint the area white, then paint the design.
Brandon Rush will be a problem next year

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