heres the link to report variant auctions on ebay...

Aug 7, 2001

just an idea, but:

since there are so many nt'ers, and since a lot of us browse ebay often...

do you guys think it would help at all if the link was posted to the webpage where ebay members can report the illegal/bootleg jordan auctions to ebay?

i know they end illegal auctions, and after a few violations from the same person, they cancel their membership.

now i know they will just end up signing up for another account, but there are really A LOT of us nt'ers on here and even if half of everyone that browses ebay just reported one auction, i think that would get a lot of variant auctions terminated and frustrate the bootleggers.

and im sure after the seller keeps starting up new auctions and new usernames to no avail, they will get frustrated sooner or later.

im not suggesting to hunt for fake jordan auctions, but only when youre browsing for jordans and you come upon them (which is a lot, for me personally, especially the auctions from the same person, who has like 25 different auctions for fakes).

if the majority of nt'ers think this is a good idea, i will or im sure someone else will post the link to where you can report them.

i know there are also some nt'ers that dont care about variants on ebay, so like i said in the beginning, its just an idea, im not about changing the world or anything.

have a good weekend.

(edit): the link/procedure is a few posts down.
heres the link:

up to 10 item numbers can be reported at once

1. questionable content on ebay (1st option)
2. potentially infringing issues (including counterfeits & bootlegs) (3rd option)
3. counterfeit items- items that may potentially infringe on a trademark

click 'continue'

go to the bottom of the next page and click 'contact support'

'sign in'

type in the item number(s)

type a short comment about the auctions (something like: these auctions are for items that infringe on a copyrighted trademark.)

hopefully, this will slow down the number of auctions for variants on ebay.

maybe one of the administrators/moderators can make this thread a sticky/bulletin board post, i dunno.
this is WAY different than approaching someone and telling them theyre wearing fakes.

lowering the number of resources where people can easily sell fakes could actually attain the goal of limiting the market of fakes.

telling someone their shoes are fake will not help that cause at all.

like i said, if you dont want to, im not holding a gun to your head and forcing you to help out. that was my way of saying if you dont have anything productive to add to this post, then dont.

i just made it easier for people to link them, and so they know what webpage to go to.
im an Ebay frequenter and I see lots of fakes in My Size. If we all contribute a bit for our size we can definliety report all the fakes. we'd have to have a network up here tho of who we reportedly, what auction and what that dude's name was. So that way we can get everyone and then maybe go over a couple of the dudes. Otherwise if it weren't organized everyone for a specific size might get one batch of auctions and skip out on other Vari auctions because we didn't communicate beforehand.
hey guys, i just listed 10 auction numbers to report to nike. i also wrote this message to them. (let me know who else is helping out to stop the variant market.)

to whom it may concern. there are sooo many variants (fake) nikes out there. please do something to stop the fakes.i am a true collector who sells a lot of things on ebay. however, the fakes are really hurting my market. also, the people who are selling the fakes call them variants, so people think they are variations of the real nike product. yet they are not variations, they are merely look alikes. i would say that half of the jordans that are sold on ebay are fakes and it is getting umbearable. please dont dismiss this email by saying that you cant tell the difference of a real and fake jordan. if you spend a little bid of time learning how you can decipher, it becomes incredibly easy to spot. anyhow, please keep me updated on what you are going to do, if anything, to keep the fake/variant market from taking over ebay. as it is, i know several kids who think of ebay as a place to get ripped off. this situation is tainting your name. thanks so much for your time.


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i agree, IF YOU WANT TO, report the sellers you come upon when youre looking for your size.

im not on a mission to catch EVERY SINGLE fakes seller, but when i come upon some seller selling like 25 different pairs of fakes in a size 12...

thanks to all the pessimistic people replying also, 'its not gonna work'-types. you guys act like its gonna hurt to try, and like its a HUGE waste of time, when it takes literally less than a minute of your life. but thanks again though, cuz you guys keep bumping this thread to the top, even though youre not trying to promote the idea.

this is the best idea since sliced bread, every chance i get im gonna turn a few suckas in. i have already turned in a dozen or so, i really hope they post note this thread at the top. come on yall we can make a difference, we can if we get just a couple houndred peeps to turn in names on ebay its gotta make a change. and thats just if a couple houndred do it, nike talk has helly peeps on this board come on yall. lets do it!!!!!
Nahh i think this could work if the people on here who say they were tricked by eBay Auctions which said the sneakers on auction were real and authentic and they ended up getting variants reported these incidents to eBay and the user ID of the person who sold them these variants, then eBay would put a stop to them. I think this is DEFINATELY worth a try if we want to get rid of fakes and if we want the value of out jordans to stay at a high
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