Hey guys I got a new job! Vol. Wireless Carrier

Joined Oct 6, 2008
I got a job at sprint as a sales associate.
Does anybody else work for a phone company?

What are some thoughts you guys have about cell phone companys?? (more specifically sprint, but any comments of any other carriers is cool.)
Joined May 22, 2010
Don't know anything about working at a cell phone company, but good for you. Don't loose your job and hold on to it tight cause there's always the next person in line waiting to take your spot
Joined Mar 6, 2004
Congrats. You also have great timing with the Sprint iPhone release.
And the amount of customers that want a smartphone without data will urk you.
Joined Nov 19, 2008
I was employed by sprint for 5 years. The job was straight for the most part, but it does get crappy pretty quick. PM me is you have any specific questions.
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