Hey NT Ever Mess Up at Work and Almost/Got Fired VOL. YOUTUBE FTL

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Sorry no actual video.

Well I work at an car-auction and I made a video back in October of my co-workers messing around with a trampoline we found. Posted it on Youtube in Febuaryand the Assistant General manager seen the video on Friday and thought it was funny. He went ahead and showed it to the General Manager and did not like whathe seen. So my supervisor calls me up to his office this morning with a mean looking face and tells me to remove the video off youtube asap. Tells me that Icouldve been fired for it, makes our mechanic shop/company look bad, and to never post anything like that again. FTL

Cliff Notes (for those people who dont want to read 5 sentences)

-video on youtube of co-workers messing around with trampoline
-Boss sees the video and does not like what he sees
-Me almost getting fired for it

So NT have any stories you would llike to share?
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