Hey NT, my old high school NEEDS VOTES!!!

Joined Aug 26, 2005
Why do you care about your old high school? Shouldn't you let someone who actually gos there to care?
Joined Apr 27, 2006
^ I'm a freshman in college. I still have friends in high school.

You really gotta question my motives? Either help out or keep it moving...

Joined Jun 21, 2004
Ok, but first i'm going to ask you a bunch of questions and i want them to be answered immediatley.
Joined Jul 6, 2005
Voted, you school has 20,771 and the on above has 20,981.
Please return the favor and vote for me.

-Click this link: bullsconnect.com
-Register (real simple, just: username, password and e-mail)
-Make sure you're logged in and go back to my fan photo
-Click "Like" and that's it.
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