Hey, S&T I need advice on reaching my 3 fitness goals.

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These are my goals
-Be able to run 2-3 by the end of the summer without getting tired (I ran .2mi on wed, and .4 today, but I was dying)
-Lose my gut (I'm 6'2 190lb and skinny except my gut) I know dieting is important, but the thing is I don't eat vegetables, are there any ways tosupplement that?
-Bulk up (getting a gym membership next week, I was thinking of doing creating and whey protein)

Im worried about how to change my diet without eating vegetables most, im 20 and I still gag at the sight and smell of them (tried to eat a salad yesterday andbarfed it up)

any tips guys?
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^I try man, they just won't go down, but cmon there has to be other ways to diet without them
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This is a good start. Setting (realistic) goals to begin with is very good in the process.

For your running, just keep at it. It's similar to basketball practice if youve ever experienced that. Beginning of the year your coach runs you to deathand you just wanna puke and not do it anymore. By mid to end of year you can run a marathon easy. Try to just get better each week, even if at the verybeginning you feel that you are "only" doing a minimal amount. You are at least attempting. That's half the battle. Sticking to it is your nextbattle.

To lose your gut you are going to need to reduce your overall body fat percentage. This can be done by diet, cardio and weights. Again, results will not happenovernight. But being more active, getting your sleep, and really watching what you eat will help get rid of flab.

As for your cocerns with veggies, you can still get your veggies in. Drinking V8 or V8 Fusion (more fruity) or green powders from health stores is one avenueto use. Also look to taking a multivitamin every day.

As i always recommend on here, head on over to sites like menshealth.com and spend some time reading. They have a grip of training programs for people with alltypes of goals, and especially every-day type dudes who arent looking to be bodybuilders. They also have a lot of diet articles. Spending some time reading canreally get you motivated to try new things out.
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Originally Posted by and1play5

(I ran .2mi on wed, and .4 today, but I was dying)
no hope

just get your @@+ in the gym and hit it hard 4 days a week, u got a lot of work to do. get ur vitamins and protein. cut out the fatty foods, grease, andsugars... try to eat one veggie a day and work ur way up. eat a carrot or something
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Losing the gut is the hardest thing to do. That's where all the fat gets stored. To avoid eating veggies eat multi-vitamins. For running start small with 1mile 3 days a week. The best thing for running is interval training. Meaning sprint for 20 sec. jog for 60 sec.
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dude yacked up his greens

salad dont even taste of much so i dont see the big problem. try using dressings or lemon juice if the %+%# is that bad to you...

Veggies....*shudder* i dont really mess with them much myself....but grilling them in a lil oil then seasoning... that kinda works.
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