Hey what's up NT? Can any of you help me out with a lil photoshop?

Joined Aug 7, 2009
Okay, long story short: My group of friends and I have been assigned a project regarding Native Canadian history and culture.

Simple task, I just need yall to photoshop my friend's face onto theface of any Native American body. We need to be really creative for theproject. I've tried on MS paint, and failed miserably
Here's my attempt:

Spoiler [+]

Who else to turn to but NT for photoshop tasks. Anyways, here are some of the pictures you guys can use:

Listen NT I can't thank you enough in advance. I need about 5, but any of them is good. I understand how NT photoshop threads end up, and I guess it's win-win because yall get some laughs, and I get some nice photoshops

edit: For your help, here's some appreciation:

Spoiler [+]

So hyped for Iron Man 2
Joined Aug 7, 2009
Oh and by the way my friend completely agrees to this, it's not some sort of hate thing in case yall wondering
Joined Dec 23, 2009
You're last thread about this failed, and you immediately start a new one, under a new name? Son please.

But because I spent like 10 minutes on this one, here
Joined Apr 14, 2007
damn op,i read this before the edit and no replys yet

i come back to see the photoshops ans u changed your story COMPLETELY

before the edit u said that was you in the pic and were raving about how you know youre not ugly

now i read it and it says its your friend?????????
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