High dives, jiu jitsu and jeans in Seattle?

Oct 23, 2005
Im visiting for next week, I know theres a couple different lakes that set up high dives and regular diving boards on floating docks. One spot was like grass, then sand, then water and had a bunch of shops leading up to it but I dont know the name of the beach. I think there was a park nearby too. And I know about Green Lake as well. Are there any other lakes with high dives?

Also does anyone train in BJJ? If so wheres your gym at? So far I think Im gonna stop into the Gracie Barra school in ballard, but I wanna know if theres any other gyms I should visit

I made a quick search to see if I could find a shopping thread but didnt see anything about jeans in paticular. Where are the good denim spots, preferably carrying swedish brands. Also is there any place selling Cheap Monday stuff OTHER than jeans (shirts, jackets, etc)

^the only good place is in ballard for all that kind of stuff. the store is called blackbird and it has a nice selection of everything you asked for and more.

check out their blog @ www.helloblackbird.blogspot.com

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I think you're talking about Madison park/beach (the one with the shops). I'm not sure if any of those places will have the diving boards set up yet, though... might not happen until late June/early July. I hope they're up, definitely a daily activity for me in the summer.
thanks to everyone replaying, i do think it was madison, that name rings a bell, and that shop looks like what im looking for as well. is the gracie gym youre referring to this place? www.ballardbjj.com/

regardless how close is it to the u district?
I think you are talking about Madison Park aswell....I used to go there all the time when I was a kid.
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