Joined Mar 8, 2013
old and new D02's. I tried some of the current Hedi Celine and its good too so might jump into that but no rush.

Ssense private sale is :-( but I guess ill wait for the rest to show.
I have a couple of D02's still in the closet. I pulled them out and they still fit perfectly. I'm going to put them back in the rotation. Especially the black destroyed ones.
Joined Jul 8, 2013
Just gonna cop some rhude shades and wallabees from the sale. How do wallabees run? I’m a 10.5 in nikes .
Joined Dec 26, 2008
I'm lookin at the black/white McQueen's. $100 off promo isn't working on Neiman but I could try in store tomorrow... or should I hold off for black friday deals? Not thinkin i'd see more than $100 off.
Joined Jun 29, 2020
Speaking of Denim what is everybody wearing these days. From Balmain I switched to Amiri. It's time to move away from Amiri. I just love the fit and the fact that the stretch makes them comfortable.

Been wearing a ton of Dior over the past 12-16 months too. I'd like to get away from them as well. I own the puffer jacket and I'm getting another winter out of them in the very least I don't care what anyone says lol hahaha.

However, I will say that it does Look like high end is becoming tacky these days. So much so that I've started stocking up on Jordan's to avoid looking like one of these pandemic boys out here. What to do?
Yo if you feel a little fancy wear these:



Not gonna lie, i reaaally dig the look, as opinion dividing as it might look.

Source: Ssense
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