Highschool Flashback: Getting into a fight in front of the whole school and winning appreciation.

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I know there's a bunch of knuckle heads on here, so I know ya'll have been in a bunch of fights. I'm 25 now so I don't do a bunch of fighting. However, during my high school years? Yeah, there's a lot of stories to tell.

The crazy thing is that the majority of my fights had nothing to do with me. But I've got a younger brother, a grade under me. And that dude was theknuckle heads of all knuckle heads. As a result, he kept me in some !$%%.

One morning before school me and my ol' lady got into it and broke up for about the 20th time, so I just happened to be walking into the cafeteria pissedoff, and when I got in there I see 3 dudes jumping my brother. And needless to say I finished all of them. I would give the whole play by play, but this postis actually about the love you get after winning a fight in front of the whole school. At the time I had no idea how many people were watching untileverything settled down.

But damn, the love you get from the ladies and your peers after you give somebody the business is unmatchable.

After that, anytime I was going to be involved in a fight I wanted it to be in front of a large crowd, and for two reasons. The love that I'd get, andbecause there's no way I'd let myself lose a fight in front of a crowd.

Anybody relate, and any stories?
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Never got into a fight infront of a crowd. I would always doubt my hand skills and the fear of losing always lurked in the back of my mind

Plus i was a pretty cool guy, i didnt have any enemies but i had dudes who wanted to fight me( black schools, %+*!%# like to start something for no reason) butthey never walked up on me.
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I was gonna come in here and ask why? but I respect the love for a brother and bailing him out of some nonsense.
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Was real laid back in high school, was chasing the ladies...

But dudes already knew my group that I hung around wasn't haven't it....we always like four/five deep if not more at the lockers

Somebody swing on one of us we all swing on them, with that said never had to fight in high school
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But watching someone get their +%* kicked in front of a crowd is always appreciated, entertainment for the rest of the school year
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Originally Posted by Dakingii

But watching someone get their +%* kicked in front of a crowd is always appreciated, entertainment for the rest of the school year
mannn you ain't never lied--that junk use to be the funniest to watch, somebody just getting mangled. (I never got in fights in HS but watching thebeatdowns was always entertainment for meand my crew)
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Originally Posted by I AM KNOWLEDGE

Originally Posted by MILLION DOLLAR STACKS


I know cats like you. It's all fun and games until somebody gives you them hands.

shutup knowledge

edit: Never fought in school, was too deep for that. had a scuffle at a school party once though.
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And what's funny is that I wasn't even out there thuggin.

A lot of the dudes that I went hard on all had that rep tho right. You know the bullies that everybody afraid of. Well I ended a few of those.

I remember afterwards, this one dude everybody called Juve was trying to go hard on one of my lil homies, and dude start laughing at him, like nah man, youaint tough no more.

But I had to stop fighting in school and made my brother chill all that reckless $@*$ after the last fight. They called the police on me! Like who does that? What happened to gettin suspended? Not suspension, not in school suspension, not detention, not Saturday school, but jail. They took me to jail and made mymom come get me. Who does that?

shutup knowledge

edit: Never fought in school, was too deep for that. had a scuffle at a school party once though.
Well tell that story again about seeing a fight where somebody put a dude in a wrestling move. I don't remember the details, I just rememberit crackin me the hell up.
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I never fought in HS.

Originally Posted by I AM KNOWLEDGE

I know cats like you. It's all fun and games until somebody gives you them hands.

And then they throw out that "Just kidding." card....
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Never really got into fights at school, came close my freshman year with this big black dude who was a senior captain of the football team. Dam was my kneeshaking, but I wasnt gonna let my self get treated with out putting up some sort of a fight. Thank god he showed mercy and didnt stretch me out, he ended upbeing a cool guy and helped me out on the field and at wrestling.
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if we fought we got arrested and suspended for 10 days which also = F- (failure due to attendance...) so needless to say not many people fought in the school.

EDIT: plus i was on the football team, if you wanted to fight one dude, you had to fight 54 other dudes first.
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I've got into fights with football players alot
They would call my friends emo %%!+ so that got me mad so I would tell them meet me at the Basketball court.
I dropped most of 'em whenever I would fight them.
Except on 2 occasions when I was about drop one the team jumped in and jumped me
can't win 'em all
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There were too many cops/security guards for a REAL fight to go down in a large area.
But I was involved in some good ones in the locker room and gym
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i got in one fight in high school during my 11th grade year, i found out some kid in the class tried to steal a pair of kicks i left in the p.e locker room.

i already got in trouble enough times during the school year so i really wasn't looking to fight him but i confronted him about trying to break in mylocker, he denied it but he started being the agressor talkin about im gonna beat you up after school

after school came, we went to a park he tried swinging at me and missed, i went off on his face had him on the ground and started kicking him in the head,people thought it was excessive when i was kicking him in the back of the head as hard as i could but whatever. finally his cousin tried to break the fight upand i punched him in the mouth and told him to mind his business.

8 years later me and the kids cousin get along real good now, we saw eachother when we both had to do caltrans (freeway cleanup/community service) and we juststarted joking around and talkin about high school, and we smoked each other out almost every day we had to do that freeway cleanup.

the kid i beat up came up to me a few days later and wanted to end the whole thing as well, and after that we ended up getting along.
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