Hitting your pinky toe on the corner unappreciation Vol. OUCH

Aug 29, 2004
I don't know if it's just me but hitting my damn pinky toe on the corner of the wall or any object is up there as one of the most painful feelingsever. After impact, I shriek as if I just been shot or something.
word on the coumpter desk like when you get up or on the chair i hate that man
when this happens to me, the pain always seems delayed.

like id hit the toe....1.....2...3..PAIN.

one of the reasons i always wear shoes around the house.
I can proudly say that I haven't hit my pinkky toe in almost 3 years. Crazy stuff
It really is the worse. I remember I bruised it pretty bad and a while after that I hit it again, ftl
The Worst.
I actually had a huge laceration between my pinky toe and fourth toe when I was a kid running into the metal bed frame.
i'm always hitting my pinky toe on the corner of the door, desk, tables etc. breaking my pinky toe nail and bleeding underneath....
whenever this happens i just fold immediately. end up on the floor rollin around laughin/moanin
lmao happened to me today i was like #$@ just happened?!!?! my pinky toe of all things went inside one of the screws with the little hook/circle thing on theoutside of it. I couldnt even get my toe in it if i tried purposely i just found it funny how it happened
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