HOLIDAY 2021 - Cool Grey 11


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For years FedEx would ring my doorbell. Some time in 2020 they stopped. Along with bogus tracking estimates, phantom deliveries, and poor driver etiquette it’s like the whole company went to **** in 2020. All my UPS drivers knock. They don’t wait around. Just knock to let someone know they have a delivery. The Amazon people don’t even walk up to the porch half the time. We won’t even discuss DHL here.
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Really depends on the delivery person. FedEx, UPS, etc still knock on my door. But that's it. The last time I had anyone wait for a sig was DHL with my XI Black/Red pair a few years back that came from overseas.
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Bigger than the Air Jordan 7 Flint/Legend Blue Low box?

11s were a little smaller.
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If your shoes get shipped from nike with lasership you not getting them. Just a fair warning for all. I'm so upset I think this might be done with sneakers.
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neither of my concords or playoffs had this shape. From pics and the pair I have it looks more consistent on this current CG drop.
These Feel So Right In Hand! :pimp: :pimp:

Somethin Told Me These MuhFugga’s Were Gonna Be HITTIN! :nthat:
ZKO_24_7 ZKO_24_7 Honestly it doesn't matter that none of your pairs have what you think is the Cool Gray toe. Again, it's utterly random from pair to pair. I assure you I have pairs of Concords and Black/Reds that do. (If I wasn't at my girl's house and had them in front of me, I'd take pics and post right now. I'll do it soon, though, if anyone needs visual evidence to believe it.) And I have pairs that don't.

In the meantime, look at these pics here ... do all these toes look like the perfect-pair/super-slim/slanted-toe photos we've all seen? No. The shoes still look great overall, but they also look like a lot of pairs of the relatively recent XI releases. It's just the way it is with these retros--one pair looks insane, the next pair less so.
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Are there any custom grey laces that will fit these? I think itll look better than the ahocking white laces
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I get multiple packages every week, and I would bet it’s been 2-3 years since they’ve knocked or rang the bell. They just drop em off on the front porch and scram.

I can’t blame em either, think how much time they’d waste standing at every door for 1-3 minute waiting on people, that would really add up over a work week.
I'm not even expecting them to wait haha! Just ring the bell or bang on the door and take off if there's not a signature required. Just give me SOME kind of indication that something is on my porch. :lol:
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Won on the shock drop and had EA on another acct and didn’t ck it til too late. Hoping for another pair on release date.
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