Home Wrecking? Yes or No? Thoughts?

Is Home Wrecking fine?

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Joined Jun 26, 2012
My Long Story Short
Girl and I had the same classes all 1st sem and just got close and she ended up blowing me in an empty classroom. Found out she had a BF after. She ended up inviting me to her house, but I didn't have it in me to pipe her(biggest regret in my life so far). She broke up with her BF(of 2yrs) a week after cause he saw our texts to each other :tongue:.

Just wanted to get a sense of how people felt about this kinda thing. I myself have done it just recently and just kinda felt wrong after doing it. But as I've talked to people more about it I don't feel so bad.

What about yall? Has anyone here done it and how'd you feel after?

Sorry Guys/Gals no pics cause I'm just not that kinda dude :rolleyes

If someone has made a similar thread please lock this one.
Joined May 22, 2009
A million other females.. Mess with one in relationship :smh: you about as bad as that female.. You prolly trying to wife her up after getting head ain't ya..
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formerly oxpenguin
Joined Oct 13, 2012
i smashed some girl 2-3 years back that was engaged 

i did it to another girl/girl couple before that but i never felt bad, both times i wasn't the one who made the first move. i backed away when i found out they were with someone, they seduced me.
Joined Nov 2, 2011
So because people told you it was OK, you now don't have a problem with it?

If you are trying to turn this into a relationship just remember that she isn't loyal.
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Joined Jun 26, 2012
I don't really know how you guys are just jumping the gun on the relationship thing, in no way did I say that. I'm a little smarter than that (Can't turn a ho to a house wife)
Joined Aug 9, 2012
Can't do it. Was messing around with a girl for a while. Didn't know she was married until her husband called me up while I was at work. Needless to say I told him everything and that she never told me once she was married. Apologized and told him that he needs to be having this conversation with her and not with me. Told him he'd never hear from me again and kept it movin. Women are grimey.


Joined Oct 31, 2009
 if it really happened, that's pretty foul. Nobody has ever offered me dome in an empty classroom, and my campus has plenty 
Joined Dec 9, 2002
She made a conscious decision to have a sexual relationship with you. You didn't force her or manipulate her into doing something she felt uncomfortable doing.

Ive been in similar situations. There were times thay I passed up on piping b/c she was in a relationship and there were times that I handled my business. I was in no way forcing them or saying anything negative about their b/f, they were just feeling me.
Joined Dec 24, 2011
As long as she isnt married, do ya thang :smokin

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Joined Sep 20, 2008
if she blew you in a classroom while she had a bf. Then she wasn't really into the dude she was seeing. But be warned if she did it to that guy if she's your gf and this go bad she might blow some other dude.
Joined Apr 28, 2010
HHonestly man, one thing I learned recently, hanging with an older crowd. EVERYBODY cheats. It's just the way it is.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
If folks don't know the status of the other person (as far as whether they're single or not) then it can be excused (for the individual who didn't know),however when/if you find out you need to dead it.

Now... if folks are KNOWINGLY living foul (meaning you know good and damn well this person is involved with someone and you just don't give a ****)... I can't honor that.

That whole thing about "well they ain't married" is straight up foolishness.
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