Homie isn't getting a cut of them munies

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Heard about this on the radio earlier.

Dude was in a lottery pool at his job. Stopped playing due to he was injured and out for 3 months. Lottery pool at the job struck $99 mil jackpot, and homie isn't getting broken off. Now he's suing his co-workers cause of it.

In all honesty, i wouldn't break him off either. He wasn't chipping in for 3 months.

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i mean if you're out for 3 months, then you're out

this happened to some other dude who declined one day after years of playing, the office hit the jackpot, and they still broke him off a decent chunk just cause he was a decent guy. He took it real well too, didn't complain or anything just went on with his life. Took it alot bettter than this dude
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There are some people who will never take responsibility for their actions.  This man is one of them.

On a side note though, good for him.  The chances of him willing were several million to one and he took care of his priorities first.  Unfortunately for him though... that period was when his "investment" would have finally paid off.
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He is probably that guy that everyone hates in the office. Thats why he dont get any loot.
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why not give him back a percentage of what he put in?
You mean 0%?  
Yeah that's what they're doing.
Bingo, he doesn't deserve a dime. Yea, I get it people feel sorry for him, but pity doesn't make him entitled to anything. By your logic, everyone who plays the lottery for a long time should get a cut of some future jackpot just because they've always played. Makes no sense.
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