Hot girls with Oogly guys!?! HOW?!

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large bank account or large penis.

or maybe they are just nice guys that they happen to like?
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I mean, there are a lot of ugly guys who haven't lost their confidence, enabling to talk to girls and come off smooth... not a huge deal.

However, 2nd to last dude looks like he has NO type of game... Females are human, and humans have many interests that other people find questionable... let those girls do what they feel I guess. I think any guy has a chance with a woman as long as he can talk to her and interest her.
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I remember the thread about the second girl.. The dude ain't rich he lives in a trailer park likeaboss.. Swag.. Let em cook
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Usually I don't really give it a second thought. Girls are much more total package about dating than guys. Basically all it boils down to
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I personally use to under estimate how some of these girls do have types. I have spoken to girls who have come right out and said they would like certain guys if they fit certain physical criteria. Some women, really only like tall guys, some really only like big ones. It really has a lot more to do with preference, and of course, these dudes were probably with them since before they were that fine, or just have game. It aint that hard now adays to snag a nice one. Especially in cali where I used to live. Ugly dudes getting dimes like Hef (no pun intended)
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