hot rod la x matt gondek skate decks

Joined Aug 27, 2019
Hey guys - I was cleaning out my old apartment while moving and stumbled across an old purchase. The Hot Rod LA x Matt Gondek band painted skate decks. I have the pigeon Sb and the diamond Sb ones. Both are labeled #19/20 and still in the plastic wrap, although plastic is ripping in a few places due to age.

Any idea how much these are worth or even where I would be able to sell them at?

Currently located in LA/Orange County. Any info would be great! Thank you!

80BD64DD-F6F3-453D-96A1-FD4177F91C94.jpeg A1D29463-D001-428F-A71A-2080E467ED01.jpeg D9A3E3B4-AAE3-4EFA-BD64-62DBC2F389D8.jpeg 104A99EB-19D5-44AD-94D1-64581350C518.jpeg A65B33C8-5E4A-47F0-98CC-65775F348B88.jpeg 1093BDE7-84DF-4F21-87EE-72EC6B765F7F.jpeg 1B4C580A-B241-4E03-AD6C-98A127ABE8A7.jpeg


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