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I love being from texas, slabs galore on the southside in houston 84 are 83 are mandatory on a slab. Thanks for the doc op appreciate it!
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Appreciated. I wouldn't have one of these myself, but I like seeing what everybody comes up with. Saw some dudes swangin through traffic the day of the All Star game. Slowest........swangin........ever :lol: :smh:
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seeing them around town never gets old but when they start swangin just outta no where....
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My SLAB anthem 

There's a documentary on DJ Screw out there that touches on the SLAB culture too that's worth a watch. It's not very long and the white dude that's reporting it is hilarious.
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Watch ya slabs this summer... Seen two whips in my apts on bricks already!!!! Summer hadn't even started yet!!!
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not for nothing, all these OG's da way they talking you substract "slab" with "kicks" and they sound pretty much da way da sneaker culture b....

going after OG 84 wire rims, not coming out wit da same candy paint as da next man, etc....its all da same type of stuntin, just different game.
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On a side note, if you ridin swangs in the H you better keep that pistol on your lap and your slab in a garage. Boys jackin for swangs with no hesitation. Don't even matter what kinda whip it is either.

Maaan what I would do for a candy red 76' Caprice Classic drop top on gold 84's. :smh: :smh: :smh:

- Preciate it.
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Cool doc but they didnt really delve into the historical aspect of where everything comes from and IMO thats the most interesting part about slabs.

The styling and decoration used on slabs and pimpmobiles are direct throwbacks to "old timey luxury"

Landau bars - These are rarely seen on modern slabs but used to be very popular and are made to represent the landau racks on the sides of carriages that held the reins

Vinyl/leather/cloth Half/quarter/eighth tops - These elaborate tops are a direct throwback to the roofs of horse drawn carriages. They are even frequently called "carriage tops" or "coach tops". The concept comes from back in the day when it was unfashionable to drive yourself, because if you could afford a carriage... you could afford a chauffeur. Many carriages had roofs that covered the passengers in the back but left the chauffeur exposed to the elements and this is where the look of the modern "carriage top" came from.

Luxury lights aka "limo lights" - these lights are often mounted directly to carriage tops and represent the lanterns used to illuminate the night in old fashioned horse drawn carriages.

Trunk straps aka "belts and buckles" - Modern trunk straps are purely decorative and usually made out of chrome. They represent the leather straps that were used to hold the "trunk" in place on the back of a horse drawn carriage.

Wire wheels/84s/83s/daytons/Jaguar knockoffs etc etc - This is the oldest throwback by far. Any kind of unmounted/unfixed "knock off" wheel is a direct throwback to wagon wheels used to pull chariots all the way back when the Romans ruled

The winged woman frequently found on the hood of pimpmobiles is a throwback to old naval vessels that would keep wooden woman on the bow of the ship for good luck.

Whitewall tires - Whitewalls are a throwback to some of the first tires that were made out of all natural white rubber

Fifth wheel - Usually for show and non functional on modern cars, 5th wheels represent the spare "wagon wheel" mounted on the rear of a horse drawn carriage.
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