Houston Heads Im in need of some help.

Jan 16, 2006
Well as you guys know there going to be an F&F 30%off (with the additional 10% in store so 40%) sale at Footaction, Footlocker,etc starting tommorrow. Im trying to cop some lbj4's but some stores wont let you use the coupon and some stores will. Anybody know of any in spots in H-town
where I can use the coupon with out the hassle? Thanks in advance.
WANTED AF1 Delta Storm, Retro IV white/cement/black,Lebron II black b-day edition.all sz13
It might be an exclusion from the Friends and Family event. Us employees will not know the exclusions until tonight or early morning tomorrow. AS far as I know, just go to any store with your VIP card and coupon and ask what the exclusions are.
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