Houston, TX: Fitness Connection, reviews?

Joined Jan 30, 2008
any NT'ers memebers of any of the fitness connections in Houston?
They charge $9.95/month, so it's pretty cheap and the y have decent facilities.

Any pros/cons?
Joined Nov 26, 2006
I used to have a membership. The facilities closest to me (South Houston/Pasadena area) were average at best. If it was anything over $20/month bucks Iprobably wouldnt have done it.
Joined Aug 16, 2004
You're not going to find anything better for the price. It's no 24Hr., but 24 ain't charging 10 bucks amonth. It's best if you already live by your location, as opposed to when I was working across town, 24 suited me better because I used 3 differentspots.
Joined May 11, 2008
^^^ Like he said, its no 24hr but it is cheap. I live about 5 min away from the one by the east freeway
Joined Mar 26, 2005
yeah i go to the one on 45 south by almeda..its not bad has everything you need and its only 10 bucks a month so thats my price range...was a member of 24hrbut couldnt keep paying that 30-40 a month...
Joined Feb 9, 2009
^^ They do but they rarely use the main court. They use the side goals for full court
Joined Feb 9, 2009
They have some good run after 5 pm

I hoop in there sometimes but I mainly go there to work out
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