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Jan 24, 2007
well, i am in houston right now and will be at the summit tommorow. hopefully i'll meet some nice peeps out here. i will be the one rockin the zen yeezy's and pink polo. holler if you see a playa.
Mar 4, 2006
I'll be in 10 deep and some 1998 playoff XIII and a bulls snapback. I just hope most of you I meet off NT are coo +%+ females rocking some daisys and some hella sick kicks like the asian girl on the damn flyer. Hope you guys grab some dope pickups though...I'm on the hunt for some CG XI or Cement IV's mabye just mabye some carolina XIII or older SB release (HUF DUNK) GUD LUCK!
Jul 2, 2009
i went. i go every year. and i already posted this on iss if anyone notices

i was the one who got the maestro skate deck

i got a nice kicks tee and a hella tight fitted all for free

every year i come away with at least one free outfit

and its cool to talk to heads and owners

i met nick diamond and matt halfhill and dwayne edwards
that part about it was really cool

overall it was kinda bland but it always is
Mar 4, 2006
For my first summit it was a little different than I thought it would be..(like a larger venue) HOT AS HELL inside with a few nice steals...here and there....a few things stood out for sale like those cement iv sz 11 guy wanted $400 I was about to pull the trigger when I noticed the midsole pretty much crumbling an I asked if they were wearable and he said no...
 Lots of koo asian girls kinda scattered about not enough hot girls that weren't gogo dancing in general. I did pick up some White/Grey/Carolina XIII for $40 in the corner of the place after some dude passed on it....rubber pods are yellow but I KNOW i've seen someone who took care of that really easy on NT so it'd be a quick restore...also copped a 3Kings tee and that Deficit shirt from one of the tables also. Not bad....I just hope the winter summit is better.
Nov 26, 2006
Had anyone heard about the new store, Check Other Outfitters, opening tomorrow in Midtown? Today was the first I'd seen anything on it.
Dec 6, 2001
I want to take the time out to thank everyone once again for their continued support over the years.

If you have attended one H-Town Sneaker Summit, or all of them, it means a lot to us.

We could not do this with out you. THANK YOU!!!

With that being said...


The H-Town Sneaker Summit is proud to announce that we will be holding our highly anticipated annual winter event at Houston’s premier sports and entertainment facility, the Toyota Center, also known as the home of the Houston Rockets NBA Franchise!!! 
A Limited Number Of Discount Pre-Sale Tickets Are Available NOW On Eventbrite!
Cash Admission Will Also Be Available At The Door Day Of Show At Regular Price.
It's goin down Sunday, January 23rd 2011 so mark your calendars & make your travel plans now! The H-Town Sneaker Summit is the largest and longest running event of its kind in the entire Southwest where Sneaker Enthusiasts from all walks of life gather to discuss sneakers in a huge party environment! 

* Buy! Sell! Trade! Browse! And Discuss! Rare And Exclusive Sneakers And Clothing!

* Visit One Day Only 'Pop Up Shops' By The Finest Local Brands And Boutiques!

* View Displays From Some Of The Hottest Sneaker Collections And More!

* Win Raffle Prizes And Free Giveaways!

* Watch NFL Games with the Sports Rapp Live Crew!

* Special Guests Appearances To Be Announced!

* More Detailed Information To Be Announced Soon! Spread The Word & Stay Tuned!

In the meantime...

...to receive special updates, win give aways, or get exclusive coupon codes...

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Then Kick Back And Watch Our Vimeo Channel!






May 15, 2003
thats going to be CRAZZY! awesome work Kadoma and the rest of the H-town sneaker summit crew! The lil lady-lil man-and myself will be there!
May 18, 2006
Originally Posted by air in822

Had anyone heard about the new store, Check Other Outfitters, opening tomorrow in Midtown? Today was the first I'd seen anything on it.

ima have to check it out when i get back
Dec 6, 2001
What's up NT? We appreciate your continued support making all of this possible!

General Admission Hard Tickets are available now for ONLY $20 FLAT UNTIL THEY SELL OUT!!! Only at these participating retailers...

Premium Goods

2416 Times Blvd

Houston, TX 77002


SF2 North

215 W Greens Rd

Houston, TX 77067


SF2 Southwest

7204 Southwest Freeway

Houston, TX 77074


Sucker Punch Clothing

1430 Pearland Town Center

Pearland, TX 77584


South Side Skate Park

510 Iowa St

South Houston, TX 77587


Exclusive Taste

500 West Oaks Mall

Houston, TX 77082


Cop The COMBO PACK! Tickets to the H-Town Sneaker Summit at Toyota Center + The Official H-Town Sneaker Summit After Show at Warehouse Live ft. THE COOL KIDS! ONLY $35 FLAT at SF2 and Sucker Punch Clothing while they last!

Pre-Sale Tickets for both events also available online...


The Toyota Center Box Office will also be open and selling admission to the Sneaker Summit on the Day of Show!

Doors to the Sneaker Summit open at 2PM sharp just in time for the NFL NFC Championship Kickoff!

Both Toyota Center and Warehouse Live will be showing the NFL Championship Games and Game Re-Caps on several large flat screens!

Leave the Summit for Warehouse Live during a commercial break and don't miss a second of NFL Championship action!
Sep 9, 2006
Where are peoples koppings the III's coming out next week? Curious if any stores are doing reserves?
Mar 4, 2006
I was there and I liked the layout better than what was going down at the meridian for the previous ones. Honestly....the best pick ups you would find from people walking around holding boxes it seemed..Eightville, Premium Goods, Exclusive Taste, and a few others were on point....the drinks however were TAXIN!!! 8.75 for a miller? God damn. Favorite hottie goes to the tall redbone in all red with the freckles..definitely stood out for me. 
Top ten most popular shoes on the feet of attendees of the summit

1. Cool Grey Xi (all OVER the place)

2. Cement 3's (released day before so...yeah..)

3. White Red XIII + Flint XIII

4. Lebron VIII South Beach (I hope yall caught the peeps toward the back that had the matching shirt with crocket and lebron with a suit on next to the ferrari and the miami vice logo....ridiculous!)

5. Foamposites (coppers, 2010 pearls, eggplants.....Royals were few and far but always coveted!)

6. <insert random 2011 jordan release>

7. <insert random 2011 Dunk SB Release>

8. Aqua VIII's

9. ????


Top ten rarest shoes I saw on feet or sale

1.Supreme Dunk SB High Red

2.1999 White Cement IV's (ALWAYS A CLASSIC0

3.HUF Dunk High SB (Personal grail!)

4.Delorean DMC dunk low (pictures do not do this shoe justice....has like a pearl 3m effect to simulate the brushed stainless of the car...caught me off guard! taillight sole was badass)

5. XIV low Laney + Ginger (suede is so buttery! reminds me of the friends I that had them in high school)

6. OG Jordan II LOW

7. 2004 Olympic Gold Dunk "Champ Packs" (I was wearing these! Met one other dude taking photo's for the summit wearing these...Never really appreciate the dunk until you can see it on someone elses foot metallic glow effect was out in effect!)

8. Red Foamposite Pro's 

.....Damn I can't even come up with any others....oh wait....

9. .............Naw thought I had it....

10. Levis Jordan I's (I thought it looked better in pictures...in person....not so much...)
Jul 28, 2005
either you didnt see everyone rocking heat or your shoe knowledge sucks. For rare shoes here are some i saw.. Louis x Kanye Jaspers.... 2 dudes rocked these.. LV x Kanye Patchworks.. old man was rocking these with matching LV belt... crazy sight. Kaws AF1... after i saw em in person i was eh. A couple people rocking what-the-dunks. Summit was official... didnt upset. Games took up most my time and the shoes i wanted people didnt wanna sell so i wasted my money on beer... Corona 7.50.. mainly chilled in the lounge where DJ Mister Rogers was in the mix. I was rocking hyperstrike AF1 Houston Astros.
Oct 10, 2007
i had on the sunset 5's from 06... it was a cool experience but i was there to cop some shoes and nothin in size 12 and up... did get the h town crooks shirt tho... and the red bone in red was official...
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