Houston: whats ur favorite BARS etc.

Joined Jul 1, 2004
im on the southeastside,like near clearlake and almeda mall...
u can usually catch me at VITO's/pinche on 45south and theres a place called sherlocks in clearlake also... i havent made it to scout bar yet and ive been wantin to go to a hookah bar...
so anyways... fav. bars people?
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Joined Jul 24, 2006
I don't go to bars, but I go to the nekkid clubs instead. The Men's Club's buffet is :pimp:
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Joined Feb 8, 2004
there's a hookah bar downtown called O2.... it's aight...

wednesday- Two Rows in Rice Village- can't beat $1 beers all nite.....
Thursdays-Red Star
Friday- Shadow Bar/Red Door/XO/Mantra
Saturday- Shadow Bar/Red Door/Hue/Fix

Nakeds- Onyx South/HK/ St. James
Anything in Sz. 12!

Joined Nov 19, 2005
haha st. james... i remember goin there when i was in high school when i still lived on the north side...

F hookah bars serg. just come by the crib one day. stags head is across the street or we can get tall boys at the corner store...

the prolo is the spot btw... dope music and it's free
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