How are 2k4 huaraches for bball? PICS

Joined Jul 14, 2004
alright i play a lot of pick up ball outdoors and was wondering how 2k4s are? i wanna know about performance, durability, weight, etc.

the reason why i want 2k4s are cause of these:

i just wanna know the performance and info about these. PROS and CONS
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One of my favs....extremely light weight, quick, ankle support with strap very good (used indoors/gym). Not a big fan of these for outdoor ball as I like a sturdier shoe. My only gripe is the comfort/cushioning. the 2k5's cushioning blows these outta the water. Overall 9/10 for me.
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i agree with Jersey. I found these to be a little higher off the ground than 2k5, ZK1, and ZKII's though. 2k5's are my favorite out of the bunch, but they took a while for me to break em in and truly appreciate them.
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they are great for indoor, and ok for out
im light, so it took me a few wears to break them in
but, I like how they are low profile and very firm
never hurt my ankle with these
and yeah wear some high top socks
the heel counter will hurt your tendon
but other than that, get them!
Joined Mar 26, 2006
i got these 2 years ago and i play with it outdoors. in dusty court, it still provides good tracktion. the only thing that i dont like in these shoes is the ankle strap which did not provide ankle protection...overall, i can say that it is a very good shoe inside and out!.......mine was beaters nowand still lovin' them to play!
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I've got 6 pr. of 2K4s. They are Major ! I can't find a complaint except that they're gone from ID. :\

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