How bad is a 'W' (Withdrawal) on your student record?

Nov 27, 2005
I just couldn't handle one of my classes because of work, so I had to drop the class after the drop dead-line. I'm in Junior college by the way; willit affect my chances of transferring to a 4-year institution?
it's not really bad at all

people struggle with certain classes, if you are doing good in others it's obvs. you just had trouble
It isn't bad unless you have a lot of them. Schools understand that sometimes stuff happens and you need to withdraw. About 5 kids including me had towithdraw from this class I was in because the professor was so horrible.
nothing to trip about. i've had 4 drops through undergrad and still got into a few legit law schools. from what i've heard if your grades are good thenmost schools won't give much concern to your drops.
it has no affect on your grades, and shouldn't affect anything else really. It just means you realized the class wasn't for you, or your workload wasfor the semester will be more than you anticipated.
my friend just got his B.A. attending SDSU and SJSU and said colleges don't even look at W's don't even worry about it man. I had W's up theWazoo but I had a 3.3 last quarter and my gpa is a 3.0 I like to have my gpa in good shape so if a class is jeopardizing it. I withdraw.
it doesn't matter. generally, your past performance wont hinder your chances to transfer if you meet the institution minimums; however if your major ofchoice is one that is a limited enrollment at the school you might run into some roadblocks with too many w's. i had 2 years worth of W's and F'sat my cc then finished strong w/ 62 creds of 4.0 and was accepted to every 4-year institution i had applied for (ucla, uci, umd, uva, etc). good luck and takethe right amount of classes for yourself so you don't get overloaded.
It's not too big of a deal, but try not to do it too many times. It's waaaay better than a D or F.
Don't sweat it.

Just don't rack up too many, especially if your considering doing post-grad schooling within the field.
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