How Can I Make A Logo Like This In Photoshop???

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jus the circle..somethin like that except i want to put an image in the middle and have text goin around like that
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popcornplaya wrote:

you'll need 'bout tree fiddy.

What has thou done, I have seeneth


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I'm hoping that you can draw a circle.

After that you just need the text tool - hover the tool over the circle and then you can type in a circle. After that it's just a case of fiddling with it until it looks how you want it to.
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Originally Posted by ProducedByTheJuice

Originally Posted by K2theAblaM

I would use illustrator instead of Photoshop.

Vector > _____ for logos.

Normally I would say yes but if he just has Photoshop, you could do all that he is asking for with Photoshop. Just make sure to use a hi-res photo if you are using this logo to print with since you said you want an image in the middle of the circle.
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So I had a little break between classes, so I made you a present.

First of all, you wouldn't make this in Photoshop. You would make it in Illustrator where it would be a thousand times easier because everything's a path/vector. However, I'm guessing you downloaded it for free to make your myspace pics look mad tight yo, and probably don't actually have a real purpose for it or know how to use it, and that's why you're asking on a sneaker forum.

Here's the picture we're using:

Save the photo of your choosing to your desktop.

Step 1: Start a New Document

Step 2: Place the image on the document.

Step 3: Choose the ellipse marquee tool.

Step 4: Hold down shift while making your circle to make a perfect circle.

Step 5: Add a stroke.

Step 6: Use the pen tool to make a circular path around the image. Using the type tool, hover over to path and type along the circular path. Then delete the circular path layer, leaving the text. If you don't know how to use the pen tool, look it up.

Finished product:
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