How can you be with someone for 5 1/2 years and earn ZERO trust?

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I had lunch today with a friend that I won't get to see for quite some time since I'm graduating. My friend is a female. I told my girlfriend I wasgoing to lunch with a friend. Here's the ensuing conversation.

Me: the first year one, it's lunch, like I said, I'm trying to see my friends before I go
Her: have fun on your date
Me: it's not a date, you didn't call my dinner with joe a date, it's just lunch
Her: did you ask her to lunch? are you driving? are you paying?

I mean, *%@!. Could lunch with a friend in a public place be any more innocent?
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You're still with her?

Didn't one of the mods say if he ever sees you make a girlfriend thread he's locking it on sight?
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It will never seem innocent, just like you would probably feel jealous if she went to lunch a guy friend.
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Yes. Updates probably to follow

We we're cruisin for the past few years. Then all of a sudden I run into a +%%+@$! brick wall.


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This the chick that cheated on you and lied to you about it right?

She was probably getting dug out while you were on your lunch "date".

Oh and.....Pics?
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Originally Posted by DaJoka004

Yes. Updates probably to follow

We we're cruisin for the past few years. Then all of a sudden I run into a +%%+@$! brick wall.

shes cheating on you


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Originally Posted by MR MONDAY NIIGHT

same chick who broke up with you via email?
o *!+$

she got some issues, sir. she crazy you cant fix that.
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Yall going to have a blast in about two weeks if what I think is true actually comes to fruition.
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The friend that you want to have lunch with, is she good looking? That's an issue right there. It don't matter if she's gay, straight, smart ordumb, if she's good looking, girlfriends get jealous.

It'd be the same for you. If your girl tryna go to lunch with the fat kid from class, you're alright with it, if she tryna go with Fabio, you cruisinbehind them 3 cars lengths back with binoculars.
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women are far more insecure than we can ever personally i can deal with my fiancee having guy friends, but she has a really hard time dealing with meand girlf friends, she always feel they have something for me and %%+*....and dude we been together for 9 years almost, its not about trust per say, more of aninsecurity issue
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Wait she cheated and lied and caused you so much grief mods know you that they will lovk your relationship threads on site? WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HER?
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