how can you lighten the elephant print on the fire red 3's?

May 10, 2007
has anyone tried to at all? I cant stand how dark it is, but I am not sure how I could lighten it, and then carefully paint in the elephant print to a dark grey.
I agree I always wanted the same old cement print for the fire reds I don't know why they changed it for the fire reds
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they changed it for the fire reds b/c that's how the OG's far as lightening it...just paint it...
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well dont do this unless you have an extra 2 pairs but what i would try is, covering every are except the elephant print and put bleach in a spray bottle and from really far away try to spray it. dunno if it would work though so dont hold me accountable for your mistake
They were supposed to be dark because the OG one's were dark!!!!
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