How come no one in here talks about how GREAT 2pac's Me against the world is?

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i mean DAMN....i guess me being from NYC and completely riding for da east in da 90's contributed to me not givin a 2 craps about 2pac even though dude wasa legend (kobe complex i call it) but sheesh...this album is flames...i actually rate it better then all eyez on me overall.

its time for NT to appreciate it even though we all know after this album da studio thug lifestyle was kicked into HI gear.

let' s give this album da love its been long overdue in da music forum
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i actually rate it better then all eyez on me overall.

Me too. There's some real gems on this joint. Dude was really losing his mind during this period and I don't care how hard you are or what yourrelationship is like with your madre, but by the time "Dear Mama" is halfway through I kinda get the sad face.

My favorite Pac album would have to be R U Still Down tho'.

I didn't listen to Makaveli untiil 2003 lol, but I ended up falling in love with it.
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For some reason Pac seems to get a lot of hate on NT. Not from me though. Pac is the greatest hands down. Me Against The World was his greatest album. Thisalbum gave you more of the revolutionary side of Pac more so than the hardcore thug side. R U Still Down was basically Me Against The World. Most of the songson that album were recorded around the time he was making Me Against The World.
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ninjahood wrote: How come no one in here talks about how GREAT 2pac Me against the world is?
*fixed* as others have said already it seems nobody really gives Pac props on NT....

Pac was more than just a rapper he was the voice of poverty and struggle for a long time...I mean this man has classics and way more material than your averagerapper...

Me Against The World is Pac's best album closely followed by All Eyes On Me
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Pac is my man and all... I'll admit in the 14 years this album has been out I have NEVER once listened to it from start to finish... It has some of my FAVPac records... But IMO as an abum its a lil overrated... Makaveli is BY FAR my fav Pac album... Depending on the day I'd prolly take All Eyez On Me (eventho I'm not crazy about that album either) over this...

I'm goin try and listen to it all the way through on my lunch break...
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old school was that +#%@

i thought the album was better than all eyez on me, much better
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This was my favorite Pac album for a while, but now I think I'd take Strictly For My... and Makaveli over this. Still, so many great songs on this.


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Personally, this is my favorite album of all time. I think it's a toss up tho between this or 7 Day Theory as his best album.
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It's because on NT hating on pac has become the popular thing to do over the last few years.
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"What more can I say, I wouldnt be here today if the Old School didnt pave the way."

Thats my joint. Pacs my dude
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It's my favorite Pac album and IMO his most complete album. "It ain't easy" is my favorite song off that album
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This and 'Makaveli' are Pac's best albums.

I personally think Makaveli is better but MATW might be more well rounded.
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me against the world is pac at his pinnacle

it's the epitome of 2pac

it captures pac at the darkest point in his life (first shooting, rape charge)

it has two of his best songs ever (so many tears and death around the corner)

there's some skippable songs depending on what mood i'm in but it's his best

i love this album to death and recommend to anyone who says pac was wack or whatever yall nt dudes scream on here

also, this album has the least amount of outlawz as possible which is a mega plus
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Pac's definite classic album and his best work imo. The question aint really why this album don't get no love when you see what is talked about roundhere.

Tracks 2-10 are on some
shhhh. Lord Knows is amazing One Time! @+#! the 5-0 cuz theyafter me, kill me if they could I'll never let em capture me
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