How do 2K4s FIT???

May 8, 2005
I'm about to get a pair... And I was wondering how is the sizing?

True to size?

Or do they run big?


I'm a size 11 but in the Zoom Kobe 1's im a 10.5, should I size them like the Kobes?

Let me know your feedback please.

Thanks NT!
WANTED: Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Laser Size 11(Black/Maize) KOBE
Here's a little bit to compare:

I'm a 10 in Lebron II's, 2K5's and XIV's.

I wear 9.5 in 2K4's, Lebron IV's and Converse Wades. I believe all three of these shoes have a rep of running big, even according to Prof. K.

I tried on a 10 and 9.5 for 2K4's and it wasn't even a question. 9.5 fit just right, if a little snug but size 10 had way too much room.
get the same size as your ZK1.

i wear the same size for the 2K4 ZK1 and WADE 1. they all fit big for me.
love is taking the air less travelled.
So many kicks run big lately I'm getting my real size confused. :lol:
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