How Do Artists/Rappers Who Are On the Come Up/Just Signed Pay Their Bills?

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For as much as I know about the music business, I'm smart enough to know I don't know very much about it at all.  Bearing that at mind, maybe somebody could elucidate things for me a bit: How exactly do artists that have just signed to labels, namely rappers, pay their bills while recording an album or during periods in between projects, promo runs, and tours when they're not really bringing in any money?  All insight is welcome.
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college tours?

i don't know how it was back in the day but these days looks like alot of these guys are always on the road in a club or at some school..
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Originally Posted by MOSTHATED770

show money
And that advance money for those that's signed. Them dudes on the come up though basically gotta hustle to get some sort of paper, they aint living too comfortable though I can tell you that much.
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After first inking that deal i'm guessing they live off of their advance .. now just how much of that advance is dished out ex lump sum or monthly payments IDK ... Now as far as getting ready to record a new album when they can't do shows I'm again guessing they're suppose to live off of touring money and any royalties they accrued from the first album
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It's crazy, because many of the books I'm reading now on how deals and the like are structured tell horror stories about artists not understanding how to use their advances, and the key point that the advance is money given to the artist by the label that the label knows their going to recoup via the artist, one way or another...
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