How do I go about becoming an NBA ref. vol. Guap...

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I'm watching the Denver vs. Lakers game and Jeff Van Gundy just said officials make $300,000 a year...

This in response to the other dude saying they didn't have an easy job. Point is, i aint know they made that how does one go about securingemployment as an NBA ref...


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You have to become an NBDL ref first. But you're probably going to need like 20 years of college/hs/foreign/etc. ref experience.
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One of my closest friends dad is an NBA ref. It's kinda weird how he got the job, but my friend is looking at the same route. Best thing to do is startgoing to referee camp in the summer, which is expensive. It cost just as much as tuition for an in-state school. Once you go through that, you could startdoing HS/AAU games and then you will slowly move up into the college ranks than the NBA ranks. It's basically all about who you know too.
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you have to go to referee school and work your way up to the pros... atleast that's how you do it in hockey. Probably the same for basketball.
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