How do I set up a wifi network off community internet? vol cat5 input in the wall

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So, I have a 2wire DSL modem, the one you get when you sign up for AT&T/Yahoo, but that kind is for DSL where you plug from/into the wall phone jack. At myapartments, we have community "high speed" where it's prewired into every room, but it's a Cat 5 connection. The DSL modems have a Cat 5connection, but it's to plug into a host computer's network interface card, right? That's how I've always had it set up anyways. I also have aD Link DI-614 router which has a Cat5 input for the WAN which I thought I just plugged a cat7 from that to the wall, and then configured it and I was wifi-ing,but the picture shows a DSL modem and the DLink.

Also, can I use a crossover cable as a cat5 cable?
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^ in that setup, what plugs into the computer?

the 2wire is Gateway, but like I said it's used to being a DSL gateway where u put the PHONE LINE into it and then there's 5 cat45 jacks and forcomputers wired in.

The wireless router for some reason only works to work in conjunction with a DSL modem
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i have that exact type of setup at home...

walljack to DSL modem and then cat 5 to a linksys router.

from there.. i have wifi in my house to my ps3, laptop, and phone
and theres another computer, with another cat 5 WIRED connection to the router.

for your specific problem..
I THINK you should be able to use cat 5 to connect the router to the wall... and then use a wired connection from your computer to the router only for thesetup. from there, you can tell the router to enable wireless, and then you're free..
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