How do the zoom huarache elite TB's fit? Can anyone review?

Feb 23, 2005
hey guys.. i was kinda diggin the white/black and white/navy colorway (feather light, for guards, look better in person) and just wanted to know how these fit. true to size (i'm a sz 11 in AKZ1/LBJIV, true 11.5)? pretty comfortable? can anyone do a quick review of the shoe?? couldn't find anything on it in here nor in the archives.

thanks in advance.
the shoe is great.. good fit and awesome for a guard (im a guard myself) the traction could be a little better though. the zoom feels nice. but if you compare it the the zoom kobe 2s that i got recently they are nothing compared to them IMO
if you arent too concerned about the price tag u mite as well go cop a pair of zk2
hope this helps
the shoe ran true to size for me. The zoom air is nice once its broken in and the midsole is soft. the thing i dont like is the lacing. it doesnt come up high enough to properly support your ankle imo...everything between the top lace and ankle strap isnt supported at all. i played in these once and sprained my ankle and that was a rap for these.
yea I have the kobe II strengths but haven't had a chance to wear em indoors yet.. but I've worn em around the house and they really are AMAZING. but is the ankle support that bad for these shoes??

ppeng, I noticed that you didn't mention anything about bad ankle support.. no ankle support problems for you??

mt3130, tightening of the ankle strap doesn't help the ankle support at all?? so the top lace hole, located on the white leather area right under the ankle strap is the last lace hole? there aren't any holes or elastic-y loops (like the LBJ IV's) inside in the strap area?

thanks for your help guys.
i havent experienced any ankle support problems myself and ive worn these for a decent period of time. for me the strap works well. i dont think ull wanna ball in the elites after you rock the zk2s on the hardwood though :wink:
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