How do you maintain good posture? Vol. Back Ache

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I have lower back problems, and I think I'm going to need a back brace in the near future

How do you guys remember to maintain good posture throughout the day? For some reason, it just feels better for me to slouch, it feels more relaxed.
I try to remind myself, but it's hard to do throughout the day
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work out, jog, sit on a stability ball instead of a chair if you can

you need to strengthen your back muscles, shoulder muscles(middle deltoids), chest and abdominal

I'm a personal trainer BTW
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i used to walk around slouched alot, and later on, i had scoliosis.

went to the doctor and gave me some good stretches, lol but never do them.

I just remember to keep my back up...
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When does you back hurt?
Standing too long? walking a lot?

You could try these couple of stretches which I found to be helpful (before my injury):
ex 1) Lie flat on a mat on your back. Slowing bring one leg into your chest while grabbing behind your knee and hold for 10-15 seconds (the other leg is straight). 5-10 reps each side
ex 2) Piriformis stretch (lots of variations):
ex 3) Hamstring stretch with strap:
ex 4) Lumbar rotation:
ex 5) Cat and Camel stretch: ex 6) Lion stretch/childs pose: - but just keep your arms stretched above. You could also try reaching forward and then sliding your hands to the 2 o clock position and 10 o clock to stretch the sides
ex 7) Mckenzie/upward dog: - keep your hips on the ground, you can try to just support yourself with your elbows at first and then try full arm

try those and include lots core exercises (abs, side abs, low back, gluts, etc). You could also try doing yoga. I am not kidding you (plus the class will be filled with girls), after I started yoga I felt great for that week, slept a lot better, back was much more comfortable, and everything. But I think I over did it the first week with yoga and weight lifting cause I went almost everyday and I injuried my back and I haven't been the same since (hurts even worse now then it did initially).  So take it easy and give yourself a good amount of rest. but yea pm if you have any questions.
I'm a kinesiologist btw.

And the most ironic thing is, I work in a physio clinic. SMFH.
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