How does your e-fame compare to your popularity in society? Vol. Who knows?

Joined Jul 22, 2007
not really the same. my popularity in society>>my e-fame. I dont even think I have any e-fame at all.
Joined May 15, 2005
My e-fame is nowhere near my real fame! My reputation precedes me everywhere I go. A legend in the streets I'm your OG's OG!
Joined Oct 4, 2007
Lol @ some of these responses.

As for me, "in the streets", I'm more noticeable.

My personality doesn't translate too well over the internet sometimes.
Joined Dec 28, 2004
has anyone been to the "" ?

dude and the lines used make dude seem like ...well that dude.


Joined Jun 1, 2008
on the internet, i try to be the complete opposite of what im usually like in real life ... NT is entertainment ... if you seriously worry about e-fame, youhave problems ...
Joined Mar 13, 2008
My e-fame is pretty huge around these parts, but I'm a low key guy in reality. Waaaaaaaaay more people know of me than actually know me. Not toomany people just know me like that unless they grew up around me. I'm not the type to put myself "out there" but I'm as lively andsocial as they come. "Young Rilla" is more popular as a rapper and a NTer than Mr. Jones (me) is as a person. I like it like that
Joined May 2, 2001
funny thing..

a while back a family friend's cousin came across the "NT gangstas" pic with Me, ben balla, joka all beat up, Slam ED, etc...

she IM'd me with a link to the pic.

the only thing I could write back....

"don't ask"
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