how happy are we that jordan is the majority owner of the charlotte bobcats?

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In what sense?

Seeing how this is the JB forum I assume you mean for PEs, etc?

Or if you mean happy "overall" this probably would be better suited in sports forum FYI.
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maybe a better fit in S&T...

I am happy for him. Dude transformed the game and how its marketed. Now he is the owner of his home state team with plenty of long time friends in place to steer the ship in the right direction.

I'm also happy that he has given players another post-career direction. I believe Kobe owns or partly owns a pro team overseas and my guess would be Lebron might follow this path.
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if i were lebron i would set in place an ownership stake in whichever team he signs with july 1 because clearly that franchise's increased success on the court and in their bank accounts will be as a result of him. I wonder what the rules are in offering him team ownership stake options for him to use when he retires.

it is good for MJ to own the team - how many former athletes do you know that own a major sports franchise? As far as what it means for JB, I think it might lead to a bit more exposure but only if Charlotte doesn't suck.
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Couldn't careless.

Is it going have an affect on his products in quality wise? No... so I don't care.
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do you think michael jordan give a damn about you

i dont care about him being an owner of a team or not


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I don't know about it making me happy, but good for MJ. He is rich and that's what rich people do buy things.


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I'm sure its pretty obvious why im so happy, im just hoping they change the name of the team and the colors, would love to see them wearing Carolina blue and black/white
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You've got to be happy. Obviously, without his success on the court ownership wouldn't be possible; but becoming majority owner is his greatest accomplishment.
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