how long do i have until im not eligible to file a dispute with paypal?

Joined Feb 9, 2008

-bought ebay item
-not satisfied with item
-getting it resolve with seller
-i will not leave a negative feedback and file the dispute until its near the deadline
Joined May 23, 2005
got this from here:

hope it helps

You have 45 days from the payment date to open a dispute.

If you're an excellent buyer, that will be the same date you won the auction/listing, but there could be a few day delay.

Feedback can be left for 60 days after the win/purchase. Paypal disputes can be filed for 45 days afterpayment. Never, EVER let these deadlines slip by, as they are rigorously enforced by ebay/Paypal.

One more timeline to watch is that disputes must be escalated to claims within 20 days of filing the dispute, or they automatically vanish, never to be filedagain.

If you miss the paypal deadline, AND you funded your paypal payment with a credit card, you usually have 60-90 days to file a chargeback with your credit cardcompany in the case of fraud. This timeline depends on the credit card issuer, and will vary.
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