How long does your tailor take?

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Decided to try out a new tailor today (I moved).

I needed some denim to get hemmed 2" shorter (Who the hell rocks a 34" inseam anyway?) and buttons sewn onto a shirt (nothing fancy, they just fell off)

She originally gave me a two and a half week turnaround.

Then I flipped and she reduced it to a week and a half.

Is this normal? My old one hemmed my denim in 2-3 days.


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My place does most things in 24 hours - simple stuff like hems anyway - or you can pay a little extra and get it done in an hour.
Joined Nov 26, 2007
my tailor gets anything i want done within a week. I just bought a 3 peice suit, 7 dress shirts and 3 pairs of slacks on saturday and there going to be ready the 27th
Joined Jul 6, 2008
if its the manager/owner that i talk to can get it done by the next day, no extra charge

if its anyone else like 3 days
Joined Nov 10, 2007
2 and a half weeks? is she outsourcing it to a 3rd world country? usually takes 2-3 days for me
Joined Jan 4, 2001

There are no real alternatives around so I guess the one I went to can do what she wants.
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