How many copped Jordans a size to small b'cuz of last pair ?

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Jul 12, 2006
Have you ever copped a pair of Signature Jordans a size or more to small just because you knew you would'nt find them anywhere else? This is before the whole internet / ebay era. I mean you actually wore these things. Your toes were smushed and so freakin uncomfortable, but you still had those Jay's on right....?
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Before Internet? :wow:
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LMAO DMP....had to get a 9 instead of 8.5.....I can wear a 9 but still I prefer the 8.5 .....I know you said smaller but eh its almost the same lol or exact opposite
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Usually I always get a 7.5 but those are hard to get at most of the stores because they usually always get an 8.
black cats... had 2 get a 10 kauze 10.5s were sold out and wouldnt be back in 4 2 weeks...
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4 2 weeks...

yeah 42 weeks is almost a year, that would suck to wait that long.......I'll pay the extra money and time to get my size. I got 1 pair thats a 12 when I should be wearing a 12.5-13 and it sucks wearing them.
Most I'll go is 1/2 size up. I like Js because of style and comfort
If they don't have my true size, i'm not buying... Going somewhere else.
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i had to buy a 11 and i wear a 12 for the fire red v's and i had to sell them because they were hurting my feet
luckly never for me....imo i rather a go up a size than get a smaller...cause you always put a sock in the toe box(old school :lol:
) and make it fit instead squeezing into one :wink:
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not worth time to get a size thats not mine but i get 11 most of the time and 10.5 is a lil snug
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I've done it in the past and it isn't worth it. There is nothing like walking around in a gym shoe that hurts like heck.
to answer your question yes... i always go a size down rather then up... but only .5 down... i cant go up unless the shoe is mad tight like olympic 7's... but i always get a 9 regardless of the fit cuz thas my size for most shoes... i only got 1 8.5 jordan and thas the true blue 3s... they run tight but i really wanted em and they aint have a copped the 8.5

always managed to get my size so i never had that problem besides i wudnt spend money on sumthin that isnt comfortable

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YuP!!! i bought AJ XIV size 12 but im only size 10, since it's one of my favorite J's i wear 2 pairs of socks evrytime i used it..its not comfortable at all..
i never did it but i copped a sz bigger
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