How many days can you go until you wear the same thing again?

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I lasted ¾ of the (hs) school year without wearing the same thing. (besides shoes)

Edit I mean shirt or top.
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This is NT.
We pop tags everyday and throw white tees out after one wear.


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i used to care but then i grew up and couldn't care less now.
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Originally Posted by Damu

i used to care but then i grew up and couldn't care less now.
When I was younger I bought stuff that created a certain "outfit"
but as I got older I learned to buy different pieces that could work in different ways
instead of buying things that looked like they came packaged together.
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nobody believes you went 3/4's into the school year with out wearing the same thing twice
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Originally Posted by CasperJr

nobody believes you went 3/4's into the school year with out wearing the same thing twice
Maybe he considers owning 3 suits, 5 shirts, and 30 ties with infinite combinations never wearing the same thing twice.  I'm not buying it otherwise either.
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too many articles of clothing to repeat the SAME EXACT OUTFIT & that's the God's honest truth.
but if i had to be specific, it'd be once every 4 months.......

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I wear nothin twice in the same week (cept jackets and sweatshirts) I'm fortunate to have enough clothes and the clothes have to be washed.
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As you get older you care less. This same thread is on ISS and those dudes are young and have the mentality that you're a bum if you repeat the same thing again within a month span. Idiots.

putting in work

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Man that is a lot of clothes for you to be able to pull that off.

Honestly speaking I'm not from a wealthy back ground and I can say I didn't even have maybe 2 weeks worth of clothing without wearing something twice... and that 2 weeks is being generous.

When I started working though I did buy more clothes, but they mostly replaced the old clothes because of wear and tear... also not in style anymore so I was still at 2-4 weeks... being generous.

Even sneakers man I had the Air Max Penny 1 for I think the entire school year until my big toe bored a hole through the front and my parents still said I had to rock them
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i really have to idea. i dont keep track of that sort of thing

edit - well, in the summer i usually wear nike shorts once a week. the shirts maybe once every 3 weeks? not too sure
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Well I'll say this...

I'm a junior in college (read: poor) and after tearing one pair and losing another, I only have one pair of jeans. I have two pairs of khakis, some khaki shorts and some grey shorts. Then a bunch of sweatpants and gym shorts.

I rotate between three or four pairs of kicks, then there's another three pairs for bball, running and indoor soccer.

I probably have around 30-40 t-shirts I rotate. I guess that gives you an idea of what I'm working with.


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Im in my last year of college and ive gotten to the point where i can wear the same thing for 3-4 days. Maybe change my shirt.
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