how many of you guys plan to get a ps3?

Two of my friends bought four on pre-order. I was surprised they would put over $2000 on their credit cards. They don't even have jobs.
These have a high chance of not making that much on ebay, why i say? because EVERYONE is reselling theirs, i bet 3/4 of the 400,000 ps3 will just be sitting on ebay.

yeah ok. there going to be mass resold... and there will be even more DEMAND... just dont bother coppin a ps3 so i have more for myself.

ill definitely be up on my grind homie... get serious.
Wii > PS3 motion sensor is something new and might make way better or worse for nintendo. but i got to get a Wii cuz it something never done. then ill get a PS3
i'll probably get a wii first as well. the controller concept is more interesting than the ps3. and after hearing about the prices i'm definitely not gonna get a ps3 on release day.
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smh at people camping 15 hrs outside toys r us for pre orders

u serious? we had dudes since friday nite... and i knew i shouldve went friday nite cuz at noon saturday, game was already set... bring on launch date release though...
why me....why oh why me....and who says i'll have 1 or 2 anyway? :\
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