How many people here like the nike store in Woodburn?

Jul 11, 2006
just got back yesterday, had a few jordans, had some black forces, and white forces. Didn't really see any thing I liked tho. I just got a few pairs of basketball shorts, socks, and some shirts. I was close to getting some all black forces but I didn't think it was worth it.
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i went there last month and they had madddddd steel xs

in size 16 or 18. hahaha. i forget.

that place is ayte i guess.
i thought you were gonna post you picked up some dunks there. =]
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It'd be better if those damn NT'ers stopped buying stuff with their employee discount then reselling them on ebay.....
Well...I would've liked to get some UNDFTD Forces for a good price and not have to pay resell/ebay prices from an employee...

Went there today....outside of the XX 3/4 which i kiiiiinda do like, they had nothing at all. I guess Zoom Miler for $50 are a good deal...and the women's 95's are kinda nice....but that place pretty much sucks in mostly every category...not to mention the workers can't be bothered AT ALL.
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i work at the woodburn store and my personal opinion is that we don't get good stuff either. we're the "closest" store to headquarters (although i challenge that because i feel MLK store is closer), but we DO place in the top 5 stores in the nation every weekend. how, i don't know but we do.

now why we don't get anything good is because portland is the 'urban' store so they get things we should be getting. we're in the country so soccer stuff, college-related stuff, and anything more for the athlete or trendy athlete (cross trainers, some apparel, etc) is our stuff.

but the GOOD NEWS is that one of the best managers in that store got promoted to footwear manager and he's talking about bringing stuff in like more forces cause they sell well at our store, some dunks (both GR and SB if he can) and jordan. he's a fan of the dunks so i can see him OD'ing on those instead of jordan's.

give woodburn some time. i'm proud of that store regardless of the choice of merchandise and i believe that we will get better in that dept. at the very least, i can say that i think we have better customer service than the ES and MLK store and a lot of our employees on the floor are actually knowledgeable on nike products. if you care to know the technical aspects of a shoe, you'll be floored at what you hear. ask someone why you should buy a 360 over a shox and you'll see my point.

I went a few days ago, saw the 20 3/4, 20 regionals, white/red xivs, some other xivs.

Nothing worth getting. Didnt even find anything at any of the other stores, came back from woodburn empty handed, probably for the better though.
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hey khadafi252, lol, u sound like ur hating on our store (mlk factory) i work at the mlk factory store and im gonna be honest with you, the woodburn store gets mostly everything before us, im not sure why, but you guys do. when i herd that we were getting the white on white forces at our store a lil bit ago, i went to the woodburn outlet soon after and noticed you guys had the forces before us, u guys also got the 20's before us, the white and red and the white and yellow ones. and i have NO idea how u guys are the closest store to headquarters, but i know for sure you guys are closer to the DC(distribution center). and from what i know, u guys did make a noticeable impact on our numbers. and also, i know how it feels to have a shoehead footwear manager, ironiclly our footwear manager is a shoe collector. and about u guys having better customer service, idk too much about that, several managers from different nike factorys around the states came to oregon and went to 5 different nike stores and said the mlk factory had the best customer service.
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