How many phone numbers do you know by heart????

Joined Mar 30, 2009
I'm sorry to say but i only know 3 which is my sisters cell just because shes had the same cell number since 7th grade and shes 21 now, and other number ismy house and work
at me!
Joined Jan 28, 2003
i used to know all my friends numbers when I was younger. Then I got a cell phone. Now I only know Mom, Dad, and 911. Dont even know my girls number lol. Andsince my dad changed his cell number, i dont even know that.
Joined Dec 1, 2007
I have an extremely good memory so I memorize many of my contacts.

I have about 250 and I'd say I memorize about 100-150 of them.
Joined Jul 18, 2002
numbers i knew before i got a cell phone (1999)... so like 5. most of the time i cant even remember my own freakin #
Joined May 2, 2008
bout 5

my mom, dad, sister, and a couple of my homeboys cuz they've had the same number for bout 7 years
Joined Sep 1, 2007
I'll say over a 100 easily. I got a big family, lot of friends and my greedy @*@ remembers plenty of restaurants

And they say weed diminshes your memory...yeah right
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